Friday, November 29, 2013


by BIS correspondent 

ANDHERI-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 29, 2013: Don Bosco Youth Services (DBYS – Mumbai) took the initiative, as part of strengthening the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM), to organize the First BOSCO GAMES FEST 2013 on Sunday, 24 November, 2013, at the lush green sporting fields of St. Dominic Savio High School, Andheri. Twenty nine teams representing ten Salesian Communities took part in football, basketball and volleyball.  To enable greater participation, the games were played under two categories: U-16 and the Open Categories. Sports is a great leveller; it brought to the playing field both the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, the talented and the learners, the strong-willed and the faltering, the disciplined and the easy going, the young and the young at heart! Over four hundred enthusiastic sports lovers rallied together to celebrate the Don Bosco Spirit with fun and friendship.

A grand welcome song by the St. Dominic Savio Boarders set to tone to friendly sporting day. A colourful and creative opening ceremony followed. The DBYS Youth, dressed in attractive T-Shirts, led Mr. Sumeet Gupta, the Chief Guest of Bosco games Fest, Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Vice Provincial of the Mumbai Province, Fr. Donald Fernandes, Principal of Don Bosco High School and College - Pune, Fr. Crispino D'Souza, Principal of St. Dominic Savio High School – Andheri, Mr. Vivian Gomes and Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director of DBYS – Matunga, into a lively hall. Fr. Lowe welcomed the Guests of Honour and the young participants to the Bosco Games Fest and thanked the host community for enabling the games to be held here. The Lighting of the Lamp and a youthful Prayer Service, which brought out the history and values behind each game, then followed. Mr. Sumeet Gupta, in a very passionate style, encouraged the youngsters to play in the spirit of the game and to live life with zest and passion. Fr. Ajoy Fernandes officially declared the Bosco Games Fest open.  The Salesian Youth Movement Theme Song was sung by the Dominic Savio Choir led by Mr. Hayden, while the DBYS Youth choreographed in the background.

The Games were played on a very friendly yet competitive note. Thanks to the Dominic Savio High School Alumni, the many DBYS Volunteers and the Referees, and the presence of a number of Salesians and lay collaborators that the entire BOSCO GAMES FEST could run smoothly.  Sponsors came in from far and wide – mostly past pupils from Canada, Kuwait, Dubai, and parts of India to finance the event. In the course of the day, two young NBA basketball coaches took time to give a few tips to the young players.

The Dominic Savio Alumni were winners in Volley ball, while Don Bosco –Yerwada were the runners-up. The finals of the football were played on the newly laid astro-turf ground. In the U-16 category, Don Bosco Boarders – Matunga were declared winners, while St. Joseph's High School – Wadala were runners-up. In the Open category, Don Bosco – Yerwada won the title with DBIT – Kurla taking second spot. In the Basketball section, St. Joseph High School – Wadala defeated Don Bosco – Matunga in a thrilling match. The Winners received a Rolling Trophy and an attractive Don Bosco Hoodie, while the Runners-up were gifted with a Rolling trophy and a Don Bosco Bag. Prizes were also given to Most Valuable Players, highest scorers and Best Players in all categories.

At the end of the day, it was the Don Bosco Spirit that won the hearts of all. Mr. Israel Fernando proposed the Vote of Thanks on behalf of the DBYS Organizers and Volunteers. Bosco Games Fest is here to stay, its' gonna get better and more popular too! May the Salesian Youth Movement continue to inspire and draw many more youngsters.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


by BIS correspondent 

BORIVALI–MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 28, 2013: A workshop was organised by the Writer's Bug at JBCN International – Borivali. 30 students from std 6 and 7 from Don Bosco High School - Borivali, attended the workshop.

The children joined Neeraj Arya in singing the ever popular dohas of Kabir. The foot tapping music got the children into an awesome mood. It was a wonderful way for children to learn Kabir's pearls of wisdom along with their profound meaning.


by Bento D'Souza

BHINGAR- AHMEDNAGAR, NOVEMBER 28, 2013: A special celebration animated by a core group of the laity of the St. John the Baptist, Bhingar Parish, under the leadership of Joe and Shobha Patole,  was held to mark the end of the Year of faith and the feast of Christ the King at on Sunday, 24th November 2013.

Beginning with an adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the procession from the priest's residence to the main church was followed by the celebration of the Eucharist. The main celebrant was Bishop of Nashik, Rt. Rev.Daniel Lourdes. The couples of the parish offered a variety of Offertory symbols, a crown, image of a sheep, a crucifix, a  thermocol house, a piece of rock, and the sacred offerings for the celebration.

The theme of the celebration was 'go, grow, glow' an inspiring testimony was shared by Shobha and Joe Patole on their growth in the past year of faith as a family, took place after communion. At the end of the mass, a commissioning ceremony was held and the adults in church all lit & placed wax diyas on the map of India representing themselves as lights to serve the people of India as disciples of Guru Jesus.

The adoration of the Blessed Sacrament continued right through the day in groups concluding with English Mass at 5.00 pm. It was truly fitting way of concluding the year of faith and celebrate the feast of Christ the King. It was a grand climax to the year of faith celebrated and the credit goes to the lay baptised people making Bhingar a pro-active and vibrant parish. 


by BIS correspondent 

WADALA-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 28, 2013: As the 410-day ecclesiastical Holy Year of Faith draws to a conclusion, we, like Zacchaeus, are called to repent all those times that we haven't set an example of faith for others. And through the intercession of the martyrs Eleazar and Polycarp, we ask God for the grace to set such an example of fighting the good fight, finishing the race, and keeping the faith, that we will inspire many others to join us on the road of faith so that with them we might enjoy forever the joy at the end of the journey of faith with Christ the King and all his good and faithful servants.

In celebration of the conclusion of the year of faith and the solemnity of christ the king feast, the following activities took place at St. Domnic Savio Church, Wadala (East).

On Thursday, 21st November 2013 the parish was graced by the presence of Fr. Alwyn Misquitta SDB who conducted a beautiful evening of Praise and Worship which set the tone for the Tridum.

On Friday, 22nd November 2013, a community wise skit competition was organized where each community acted out Jesus' parables that gave out a spiritual lesson by analogy or similarity.  The stories were based on the life that was intimately familiar to Jesus's original first century audience. Some aspect of an unfamiliar concept, such as the Kingdom of God, was compared to something from everyday life that could easily be understood.

For the first time ever in the history of the Parish, the vibrant youth organized a wonderful and rocking evening of "Gospel Rock" on Saturday, 23rd November 2013.  It was an evening filled with various performances by the youth as well as the Legion of Mary and Salesian Cooperator groups.

The performances were based on contemporary Christian music of modern popular music which is lyrically focused on matters concerned with Christian faith, used in pop, rock, or praise & worship styles. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


by BIS correspondent 

BHINGAR-AHMEDNAGAR, NOVEMBER 27, 2013: On Sunday, 17th November 2013, hundred participants, those below the Xth standard, Altar servers, from Savedi, Collector's Office, Bhingar, Agadgaon and Jeur gathered to have the Annual Ahmednagar Altar Servers Rally 2013 at St John's Church, Bhingar from 9.00 am to 5 p.m.

The day began with a talk by Bro. Ramesh D. who welcomed the enthusiastic altar servers. A prayer service was conducted by Fr. Rolvin and his team. Motivational sessions were by given by Frs. Nelson Falcao, Manuel Murzello, Thomas D'Costa and on their inspiring vocation stories. Fr. Nelson's family felt that he was born to be priest. He narrated the twists and turns in his history that makes him, not a wannabe MBBS Doctor, but a Doctor in Philosophy as well as a Salesian Priest, and caretaker of the legacy of the Kristapurana treasure. 

The theme of the Day was "I am God's Field." Fr. Manuel explained the parable of the sower to bring out the message of 'we are God's field'.   Then Fr. George D'abreo conducted 'Jesus Day'. A series of rapid fire questions on life, faith, Bible and other topics were asked and spot prizes given to the excited respondents.

After lunch, fete games were conducted by Fr. Rolvin and his youth. The theme of the day was introduced: "I am God's field," again during Mass. At 4.00 pm, Fr. Solomon Rapol, Rector of Don Bosco, Lonavla, concelebrated with Frs. Gohil, Francis, George and Nelson in the concluding Eucharist for the altar servers gathered and exhorted all to live a joy-filled life as altar servers.

Fr. George D'abreo was the MC and compere for the events of the day. The hosting community was St John's, Bhingar. Bro Ramesh Durairaj was the Chief Organizer.  Every one present understood that learning to serve both at the Mass and in life is the specific way of discipleship for young altar servers.  Every one left energized feeling open like God's garden to invite the seeds of a divine vocation within, perhaps! 


by Mrs. Muriel Fernandes

JUHU-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 27, 2013: Mumbai City Finals of CL Young India Challenge was held on 30th October, 2013, at AJIVASAN Hall, Juhu. 55 schools participated with 2 teams per schools making 200+ students attending the competition from various leading schools across Mumbai.

The first round consisted of 30 questions, out of the 110 teams top 6 were selected for the city finals [2nd round]. The students of Don Bosco Nerul, Mst. Bharathkumar and Mst. Nikhil Murdeshwar who were teamed up, made us proud by flashing our School's Name in the 5th top most scorers for the city finals. They won a trophy and scholarship certificates from CL YOUNG INDIA CHALLENGE.

The general knowledge quiz questions were taken from a wide range of subjects ranging from History-Geography to Sports, Science & Mathematics to Music & Art, Politics to current affairs.

Mr. Joy Bhattacharya, sports manager and a very well- known face in the sports entertainment industry, currently the CEO of the Kolkata Knight Riders was the QUIZ MASTER. He enlightened us not only with the knowledge bank but also with lots of cricket facts.

Though the school couldn't make it for the 'Regional Final Round', as only top 2 teams were to be qualified for the 3rd round, it was indeed 'A Knowledge Tour'  & a great exposure for Mst. Bharathkumar,  Mst. Nikhil Murdeshwar,  Ms. Vedika Vaity, and Mst. Harsh Agrawal, who were accompanied by Tr. Muriel Fernandes. They returned with fond memories of a brief personal interaction with the Great Quiz Master 'Joy Bhattacharya'.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


by BIS correspondent 

NERUL-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 26, 2013: Don Bosco Senior Secondary School has been awarded the Adhyayan Gold Grade at State level by Adhyayan Quality Education Services. The School Management's mission to provide quality education to every student and its commitment to excellence made them to collaborate with the team leading Adhyayan Quality Education Services for a qualitative review of the school. Adhyayan is an education movement of Indian and international educationists.

The Adhyayan Quality Standard and School Self-Review & Evaluation (SSRE) diagnostic has been developed around internationally recognized standards of schooling and is rooted in years of experience of conducting over 1000 school audits globally. The diagnostic describes "What a Good School Looks Like" and is divided across six Key Performance Areas (KPAs): 

1. Leadership and Management

2. Teaching and Learning

3. The Child

4. The Curriculum

5. The Community and Partnerships

6. Infrastructure and Resources

The Gold award confirms that the school's performance is good or outstanding on most Key Performance Areas mentioned above.

Adhyayan believes that the School's Self Review is as important as the External Review conducted by Adhyayan. Therefore, the first step of the Adhyayan Quality Standard Process was to identify the School's Self Review Team leaders from the Management, Staff, Parents, Students and Alumni. This Self Review team had an orientation session led by Adhyayan Lead Assessors. They introduced the SSRE Model and Diagnostic to the Self Review Team.

The Self-Review included Introspection, Honest Dialogues, Class Observations and Interactions, Learning Walks and Book Looks. The entire process which took place in July included a day of training with the Adhyayan team, two days of self-review & evaluation and one day of review by Adhyayan's team. The School was awarded its Quality Standard only after the Lead Assessors of Adhyayan and the SSRE team shared their judgements on each of the KPAs and the evidences on which they were based, discussed the similarities and differences in the judgements and identified key areas for improvement. A report providing a summary of the school's achievements and areas for development was given to the school.

We congratulate the Management of Don Bosco, Nerul for embarking on their first step towards the school's national accreditation and for leading the school to achieve a Gold Adhyayan Quality Standard Award.The transformation for excellence has already begun. We wish all the stakeholders of Don Bosco the very best as they strategize, carry the action plan forward and work towards achieving the next level of quality education delivery. 

Monday, November 25, 2013


by Bento D'Souza

BHINGAR- AHMEDNAGAR, NOVEMBER 25, 2013: On the 20th of November, 2013, the New Provincial drove into the compound of Bhingar, the Mother-Church of the Ahmednagar Mission. He listened to the history of the mission and what is taking place presently in Bhingar.

Fr Godrey D'Souza was welcomed by representatives of the various groups in the parish. Gavin, Marshal and Melwyn sang a welcome song. The Provincial was then Crowned with the Traditional orange Pheta, shreephal, bouquet of flowers, and a shawl, the people welcomed him as the living representative of the unifying Don Bosco from the Mumbai Province. The Provincial was accompanied by Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, the Vice Provincial. The Catechist, Guruji Jagtap, then read out a report of the happenings in and around the Bhingar mission this year. Mr Solomon Gaikwad compered the event.

The Provincial thanked all present for the warm welcome and he also encouraged the people to continue their involvement in planning and execution of activities in the Parish. 

After spending the morning with the parish, he accompanied them for a Joint Conference at St Anne's, Collectors Office, for the Salesians of the Satellite community. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

BIS # 3770 ASR 2013: I AM GOD'S FIELD

by Resurrection Parish youth

VASAI-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 23, 2013: The annual Salesian event of the Altar Server's Rally was for the first time held in the suburbs of Mumbai at Mary Help of Christians Church, Naigaon.

It was a privilege to welcome 240 altar servers and animators from different parishes, namely Don Bosco - Nashik, Don Bosco – Borivali, Don Bosco – Lonavala, Dominic Savio -  Andheri, Our Lady of Dolours – Wadala, Dominic Savio - Antop Hill, Mary Help of Christians - Naigaon, Jyoti Mata Church – Virar (W) and Resurrection Church – Virar (E).

After the registration at 8 am, breakfast was served, followed by a Praise and Worship session at the School hall conducted by Fr. Allwyn Misquitta and his team. The comperes Juliana and Reuel welcomed each group and began the inaugural prayer service, during which the traditional lamp was lit by some of the Salesians and animators of the parishes. Fr. Orville in his inaugural speech extended a warm welcome to all the altar servers gathered for the rally.

The team from Dominic Savio – Antop Hill presented the theme song: "Shout to the North and the South" setting the whole place buzzing with joy. Fr. Cleo Braganza then explained the theme "I am God's Field," which was based on the message of Pope Francis to the youth in July 2013 at the World Youth Day in Brazil. The altar servers then had a discussion and sharing about the theme in groups.

The presence of 9 priests at the altar for the celebration of the Eucharist was a rare but gracious sight, along with the privilege of having Fr. Glenn Lowe, who celebrates the silver jubilee of priestly ordination and Fr. Reggie Gracias who celebrates the silver jubilee of religious profession as a Salesian. During the homily, Fr. Orville asked the altars servers to be attentive to God's call. He mentioned that all the priests present were once upon a time altar servers, and that he hoped that many of them would also generously respond to God.

The children enjoyed the delicious lunch, after which followed the Bible Quiz. The Resurrection parish youth ably animated the quiz with lots of creativity and meticulous organization. For the cultural moment, each parish presented an action song. It was a great delight to see the young altar servers placing their abundant talents on display. Every parish group was rewarded with a few mementos and a set of Altar Servers' Posters for their parishes.

The day concluded with the vote of thanks by Fr. Glen, who expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed to making the Altar Servers' Rally a success. The Altar Servers returned home bubbling with joy and enthusiasm, after an enriching experience together.


by BIS correspondent 

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 23, 2013: Saturday 16th November turned out to be an exciting and entertaining evening at Don Bosco High School, Matunga. Teams composed from GEX vied with one another for attractive trophies and prizes, in a thrilling Box Cricket Tournament from 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

GEX  (Giovani Ex-Allievi ital.)  is the title given to the Young Past Pupils of the Alumni Unit. For the last two years efforts have been made to bring this group together to establish their own identity in union with their seniors. The number is growing and this event was an opportunity for many of them to register as life time members of the association.

While there was a limited turn out – this being the first such coming together – the enthusiasm was very evident. Most of the participants were meeting each other after a long time and it was an occasion to renew old friendships and renew fond memories of their school days. There was much nostalgia as one remarked: "I felt like a school boy with the bag on my back walking into the school again."  There were four teams that participated and it was "only for Past Pupils".

There was whole hearted cooperation from all quarters through the hard work of Mr. Mustaaq the Gex V. President, Mr. Jayesh the Alumni President together with their respective committees and Fr. Wilfred the Delegate. Fr. Elson Barretto himself a Past Pupil graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. 


by BIS correspondent 

BORIVALI-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 23, 2013: All the animal lovers in Don Bosco High School, Borivali could not have been more thrilled on the 21st of November 2013. The excitement of witnessing a few snakes and exotic birds and a huge St. Bernard was evident. The audience was bursting with enthusiasm at the opportunity to interact with these animals.

 The show started with a snake awareness programme, where the audience learned about the capabilities of various species of snakes. With the number of snakebite cases on the increase, snakes are becoming creatures of dread, but the fears of many were quelled as the audience was instructed what to do in case of a face to face encounter with a snake or a snake bite. Live snakes, wild and untamed, fangs and venom intact were exhibited. The daredevil in some was exposed as they volunteered to handle the snakes. Mr. Rohit Mohite, an expert in the field, organised the awareness programme and answered the queries the audience had about snakes in lucid language.

   It was then the turn of the birds to enrapture the audience with their brilliant colours. Exotic parrots from over the world were displayed. Whether it was a tiny peach faced African lovebird, a stunning red lory, a graceful cockatoo or a majestic macaw, the audience just could not have enough of these feathered beauties. The Australian hamster and a rabbit were favourites, but the well built St. Bernard was the real show stopper. The audience thank Mr. Govind for giving them the opportunity to interact with such spectacular birds and animals.

 Rev. Fr. William Falcao, the beloved Rector, dedicated this splendid show to all the students as his birthday gift to them.


by Nevelle Coutinho

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, NOVEMBER 23, 2013: It was a day gleaming with sunshine, the best time to pool together to play India's one of the most loved games, Cricket. The Annual Oratory Cricket Tournament organized by the brothers of Divyadaan, Salesian Institute of Philosophy in collaboration with the brothers of Salesian Training Institute was held at Don Bosco Marg, College Road, Nashik for the past pupils of the Oratory.

The Oratory is meant for less financially fortunate boys whom the brothers play with and visit every Sunday apart from their philosophy studies. When these boys grow up, they get too busy searching jobs or pursuing higher studies or else working in the public or private sectors. The brothers keep in touch with them by organizing this Cricket Tournament wherein they come together to share moments of joy and togetherness. Many of them often participate in the tournament just to express their gratitude for receiving guidance and inspiration in their early phases of life .The brothers here not only play games but also instill in them virtues needed for their betterment and aim at making them good citizens.

The tournament comprised of 11 teams from different localities of Nashik. The tournament began with a traditional prayer service showing a sense of unity inspite of religious diversity. After which the inaugural talk was given by Fr. Brian Bandya OFM Cap, who spoke on the sportsmanship and all that is needed is to enjoy the game alluding to one of the best cricketer Sachin Tendulkar for whom "cricket is breath." After this the rules and regulations were explained and the tournament took off at 9.15 a.m.

After the fierce battles among the 11 teams, the teams Jagtapwadi II and Siddharta Hotel reached the finals. The match was challenging and unpredictable but finally team Jagtapwadi II proved themselves invincible in the finals. The winning teams received jerseys and a trophy while the runners up received medals. The best bowler was awarded to Pravin from the team Jagtapwadi and the best batsmen to Sagar from the team Godavari II.

After the  prize distribution the chief guest Fr.Kishore - Nashik Diocesan Youth Director, a lover of youth and a man of conviction, enlightened the youth with his inspirational speech  and motivating message on living life fully and striving for excellence in life.

This event was a success only because of the hard work put in by the brothers of Divyadaan in planning, organizing and preparing the pitch for the tournament.  All the youngsters went back with happy memories to cherish.

BIS # 3766 GROMO 2013

by BIS correspondent 

LONAVLA- MAHARASHTRA, NOVEMBER 23, 2013: Scouting and Guiding is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to train students to become responsible citizens and build their leadership qualities. The Students of Don Bosco Senior Secondary School attended 'GROMO'13', a Scout and Guide Camp held at Lonavla from 11th November to 14th November. It was not only an outdoor fun program for the students but also a program aimed at developing their character and making them physically and mentally fit.

Eleven Don Bosco Schools from Maharashtra participated in the camp. Fr. Anthony Goyal was the Camp Chief and Fr. Lorenzo D'Souza was the Camp Co-ordinator. The theme of the camp was 'Heal the World'. Students prepared posters, banners and models based on the theme and also learnt folk songs and dances to take part in the various competitions held there. Adventure games, hiking, learning to tie various types of knots were some of the activities organized at the camp.

The students were trained under the guidance of Fr. Anthony Fonseca. Mr. Dnyaneshwar Ingulkar was the Camp Chief. Mr. Pankaj Rai, Mr. Shailesh Jadhav, Mr. Brijlal Prajapati, Mrs. Samruddhi Chaudhari, Miss. Meena Tanwar, Miss. Jyotsna Chavan, Mrs. Milan Pinto, Mrs. Neeru Nigam and Mrs. Vivena Rodrigues were the other staff members who attended the camp.

Our Students won accolades for the school by winning the first position in most of the competitions held at GROMO '13.

Theme Representation-First Prize

Pageant-O- Rama-First Prize

Exhibition-First Prize

Banner making-First Prize

March Past-Third Prize

It was a rich learning experience for the students as well as the staff members.


by BIS correspondent 

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 23, 2013: The Salesian province of Bombay honoured seven Salesian jubilarians at a solemn concelebrated Eucharistic celebration at the Shrine of Don Bosco's Madonna, Matunga, on Saturday 9th November, 2013 and later felicitated them in the presence of numerous Salesians, along with their family and friends, at the Don Bosco Matunga school undercroft.

Fr. Salvador D'Souza  - the senior-most member of the province, and former provincial Economer - who celebrated the diamond jubilee of his profession and golden jubilee of his sacerdotal ordination presided over the Eucharist. Fr. Glenford Lowe – the silver jubilarian of ordination, who spent twenty years of his Salesian life in the African missions, and is current director of the Archdiocesan Value Education Centre, and Don Bosco Youth Services -  broke the word of God and explained how the ordinary lives of the jubilarians were transformed by their joyous response to God's call. Of the five silver jubilarians of profession, Fr. Rosario Vaz ministered most of his priestly life in Africa; Br. Antonyar Manickam served largely in the province missions of Gujarat, and Fr. Francisco Pereira ministers in the Northern Arabian Vicariate. Fr. Robert Pen has for many years been Dean and professor at Divyadaan, Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nasik; and Fr. Reginal Gracias ministered most of his life in Salesian parishes.

After the Eucharistic celebration, the jubilarians were welcomed to the felicitation program with a brief entrance march. Fr. Vivian D'Souza raised an eloquent toast to the jubilarians; and Fr. Godfrey D'Souza – the provincial – thanked the jubilarians for their contributions. Fr. Cleophas Braganza – the master of ceremonies – introduced each jubilarians to the gathering with a brief power point presentation; and the provincial presented an individually scripted citation to each jubilarian acknowledging the contribution they have made to the province and congregation over the years.

A special issue of the province newsletter SDB West that featured the life journey of each jubilarian was a fitting tribute to these ordinary people who have made an extraordinary contribution to the lives of numerous persons accompanied by Jesus – the good shepherd – under the banner of St. John Bosco.


by Stanley D'souza

KUWAIT, NOVEMBER 23, 2013: On Saturday, 16 November 2013, the Salesian Cooperators of the North Arabian Vicariate organised a full-day workshop on "Effective Study Habits" for teenagers. It was attended by students of Grade 8 to 10, from various schools across Kuwait.

To set the mood, the workshop kicked off with some fun-filled action songs led by Edward and Ursula Lobo. The parish priest then welcomed the participants. He reminded them that talents are given by God and he emphasized the importance of using their talents well. Lloyd D'souza, a motivational and dynamic orator of the parish addressed them next. He focused on the importance of making the right choices, while elucidating that choices have consequences. As teenagers, on the threshold of adulthood, the choice to study and their attitude to education and learning will lay the foundation for their success as mature adults. 

Thereafter, Christopher Pereira took them through engaging sessions elaborating the fact that they have the choice to do whatever they want. They played a game where they realized that "Where there is a will, there is a way". They were then guided to envision what they would want the three most important people in their lives to say about them 5 years from now. Keeping that in mind they were asked to create a roadmap of getting to that destination.

As they became increasingly aware that academic success is critical for career excellence, Christopher then offered some Tips & Tricks for inculcating effective study habits:

1.         Plan and manage one's study time: They practiced scheduling a day in diaries given to them

2.         Establish a routine or schedule

3.         Pray before study

4.         Be aware of one's personal learning style/preferences – VARK (Visual, Auditory, Read-Write, Kinesthetic)

5.         Be aware of one's level of energy so as to maximize one's output

6.         Set goals and rewards

7.         Take appropriate notes in class

8.         Develop one's own memory tricks to remember content/information

9.         Study for life, not just for grades

10.       Take care of one's health

In the same vein, there are some study habits that he advised they should avoid:

1.         Don't Blow it Out by studying at the last minute

2.         Don't take notes on everything

3.         Don't highlight everything

Armed with the Do's and Don'ts, the participants were then asked to make a personal plan: What must I "Start, Stop and Continue" doing as a result of my learning today?

On that self-assessment note, the workshop concluded. Throughout the day, the students appeared very engaged in the sessions. "I couldn't understand why I was not able to remember what I was studying until I came to this workshop" said Merlyn Fernandes, a Grade 8 Participant. "I didn't realize that energy level is so important – I will now change my study time so that I can learn more with less effort" said Ross D'cruz a grade 10 Student.

As additional support, a follow-up session is being organized in January to evaluate their experience and outcomes of putting these new skills into practice. A special thanks goes out to the Salesian Cooperators for organizing and coordinating such a meaningful and helpful workshop. 

Friday, November 22, 2013


by Richard Burkhao SDB

PUNE – MAHARASHTRA, NOVEMBER 22, 2013: The Salesians of Don Bosco Youth Centre, Pune organized a 2-day under 14 football tournament on 16th and 17th November 2013. A total of 16 teams from all over Pune participated in this annual event.

The objective of this tournament was to give the children from the slum areas an opportunity to display their football skills and other talents. The organizing committee was headed by Br. Dinesh who did a marvelous job getting things done. He was assisted by Brs. Ashwin, George and  Shaun.

All the teams who participated in this tournament had been looking forward to this event from the day it was made known to them more interestingly it was a pleasant sight to see so many children from near and far joining this football venture. The coaches of the respective teams also did a fine job training their players.

Though it was first time the community hosted a football tournament, it was really a success. Apart from the tournament matches between the various teams, the main attraction of the tournament was the exhibition match between Pune FC under 16 team versus the best players from the various teams who participated in the tournament.

The final match was played between Don Bosco and J. N. Pettit boys in which Don Bosco team won 3-1. Anas the captain of the Pune FC senior team, Prakash, Othalo the dynamic shooters of the Pune FC team and Pratik Yadav the marketing Assistant manager of the teams were the chief guests for the event.

"I enjoyed every moment on the ground" was the comment by Ratan the top scorer of the tournament. While Naveen the captain of the Don Bosco winning team expressed his gratitude to the fathers and brothers of Don Bosco Youth Centre for organizing the tournament. Amar Pardeshi their coach congratulated them for their performance. 


by Cl. Christopher Xavier (INM)

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, NOVEMBER 22, 2013: In view of the Salesian Mission Day (SMD) 2014, the community of Divyadaan celebrated Missionary Week from 4th November to 9th November, 2013. The traditional Salesian Mission Day (11th November) was anticipated due to the celebration of the community day. The Missionary Group of Divyadaan with the help of variety of prayer services helped the community to focus on the missionary zeal during the entire week.

The Missionary week began with the Holy Eucharist on 4th November. Fr. Savio D'Souza, the Rector, preached on the theme of the Mission Day – "We are the Others", sharing Christ's love with the migrants. While explaining the different aspects of the migrants all over the world, he pointed out how Don Bosco himself was a migrant during his boyhood and how Christ had come to this world as a migrant leaving his heavenly abode. The inaugural prayer service that followed in the evening helped the community to be oriented towards the missionary dimension of the Salesian apostolate.

On 5th morning a short documentary on "The Salesian mission in Angola" from the Missions department made the community mediate on the need of Salesian mission around the globe. Later on the Holy Mass was presided over by Rev Fr Paul Olphindro SDB, the Vice Provincial of the Silchar Province who spoke about a Salesian Missionary as one who is always with Jesus, Don Bosco and the people of the missions. That evening the community was also blessed with the visit of Fr. Fabio Attard SDB, the general councilor for Youth Apostolate. His presence and talks added more fuel to the fervour of the missionary week.

Keeping up the theme and the message of the SMD, a Missionary Rosary was dedicated to the migrants from each continent on 6th evening. This Missionary Rosary was designed by Archbishop Fulton J Sheen in 1951 that dedicates each decade for a continent.

There was also a conference on New Evangelization on 7th evening by a veteran Salesian Missionary of Africa, Rev. Fr. Tony D'Souza SDB, the residential confessor of Divyadaan. He urged the young Salesians to pay attention to the faith formation in the ministry. He also shared his mission experience in Africa and the process of evangelization in the different counties in Africa.

An adoration service was also conducted on 8th evening to thank the Almighty for the missionaries who worked in this sub-continent and also for the missionary vocations from different parts of the country especially for the missionary aspirants, pre-novices and novices.

A week of mission orientation in this post-novitiate community culminated with the concluding Eucharist on 9th November with the concluding prayer service during which the theme video from the mission department was screened along with the prayer for the Mission Day. The brothers expressed that the missionary week was both informative as well as inspiring. 


by Marina D'Costa

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, November 22, 2013: Don Bosco Youth Services was blessed to have Fr. Fabio Attard (General Councillor for Salesian Youth Pastoral) to address and interact with the youth at DBYS Matunga, on 6th November, 2013.  While the youth were excited to meet him, Fr. Fabio surprised them with his charisma and enthusiasm. His warm smile and down-to-earth attitude made them comfortable in his presence.

The meeting began with a prayer, after which Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Vice Provincial of the Bombay province, introduced Fr. Fabio. Lloyd Nunes, President of the local unit of the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) presented the annual report of DBYS through a video. The DBYS youth then performed the theme song of Don Bosco Youth India.

Fr. Fabio was then invited to address the youth and here are some of his reflections that he shared. He motivated the youth animators to never be discouraged by anything in life. He spoke about Salesian Spirituality as celebrating the gift of life and faith. He gave an example of discipline and commitment through his own experience as a Salesian, during which he has often had occasion to speak using the language of the heart. He gave an example of a mother's love which understands the needs of a baby upon hearing its cry.

He mentioned that purity of heart is important for Salesians and animators who work with youth, following the example of Don Bosco. He also stressed the importance of having devotion to Mary, who was Don Bosco's teacher and guide. In our journey through life, we need to understand where we are heading for, in order to live life with meaning and a sense of fulfilment.

Fr. Fabio spoke finally about the need to give more importance to processes which help us mature and grow, rather than just participating in activities. Helping us understand Salesian activities around the globe, he emphasised that we shouldn't just restrict ourselves to events, where large numbers of youth gather and then disperse. He emphasized that the activities should be focussed on goals, which build up a process for holistic formation.

The youth were touched by the message of Fr. Fabio, and to conclude the meeting, they presented him with a token of their gratitude. Fr. Fabio also gave away certificates to the participants of the Catholicism faith formation program, which he appreciated as a process that has helped persons grow in faith.

A few days later, some youth were privileged to meet the Rector Major of the Salesians on his unexpected visit to Mumbai on November 11. Fr. Pascual Chavez spoke about the preparations for the bicentenary of Don Bosco's birth in 2015 and the need for Salesians to make the message of Jesus accessible to today's youth. He bestowed his blessings on each youth present. It was a joy to personally encounter the 9th successor of Don Bosco.