Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Patrick Corda
BORIVLI, AUGUST 31, 2011: From the dust of the village to the roads of the city, from a little Tea stall to the big City Mall, these were the thoughts running through the minds of the tribal students of Bosco Boys’ Home.
After a week away from home, twenty three of the ninety one tribal students who came to Bosco Boys Home to get trained in Hotel Management, a project supported by MoRD (Ministry of Rural Development) and DB Tech, were really exited as they stepped into the Raguleela Mall in Borivili.

It was for the first time in their life that they had entered into the mall. The boys were amazed with the entire set up of the mall. They all had a tough time to get on the first floor since they had never been on an escalator before! With great difficulty, they managed to get on it and made it possible’. Like Neil Armstrong was the first to place his foot on the moon, so were the tribal students who left their foot print on the escalator of the Raguleela mall. The boys were then taken to the food court which is on the third floor. As they were shown the different food stalls they were informed about the job opportunities that a person has in a city like Mumbai.
The day ended with the boys taking back a lot of knowledge and information. The overall experience was fantastic.


Patrick Corda
BORIVLI, AUGUST 31, 2011: On August 27, 2011 the Tribal Students of Bosco Boys Home who are currently doing their Hotel Management Course, a three months’ program, supported by MoRD (Ministry of Rural Development) and DB Tech got to know the difference between Mumbai's Vada Pav and the famous American Burger after visiting the Mc Donald's outlet in Borivli.
In spite of the heavy rain, the students managed to get to Mc Donald's as they were eager to learn something new. Mr. Ramesh Tolani the shift manager welcomed the students and showed them the way to the little corner of the store which is normally used for birthday celebrations. He explained to them about the outlet and how it functions, he also mentioned about the number of outlets all over India. Mr. Tolani, then, divided the students into groups of six and showed them the kitchen and how the people worked in different sections keeping the hygiene factors in mind. He also showed the students the way a specific dish is to be presented to the guest. Mr. Toliani briefed them about the use of a few chemicals present in the outlet.
He spoke about the opportunities that Mc Donald’s provides for students who have passed their std. XII. At the end of the explanation, Mr. Tolani asked the students to introduce themselves and to speak about their interest in the Hospitality sector.
Before the students could leave the outlet they were all treated with the famous ‘Mc Pizza’ and shouted out the slogan “Mc Donald's I am loving it". The students took a picture with Old Mc Donald who sat out on the bench. This visit was a wonderful experience for all.

Thanks to the Director of Don Bosco Technical Training Institute Fr. Anthony Santarita, who motivated and sponsored the students for this visit.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Neelam Rodrigues
BORIVLI, AUGUST 30, 2011: A debate competition for the students of stds. VI and VII was held at Don Bosco High School, Borivli, under the able guidance of Mrs. Mary Johns and Ms. Manoda Gomes. The topic for the debate was 'Internet- a boon or a bane.’ The two teams involved in the competition were very rightly called, ‘GOOGLE.COM’ and ‘YAHOO.COM’.

There were three rounds conducted in this contest. Firstly, we had the introduction round, wherein each team shared their respective views about the topic. The second round was the refutation round. This round had eight global statements which were refuted or denied by the opponent teams. Finally the closing round gave an opportunity to the teams to sum up the arguments in their own favour.
It was indeed very impressive to see these young minds put down their opinion in such meticulous and systematic manner. The judges too found it quite difficult to adjudge and come with a winner.
However, after much discussion, Google.Com was declared the best team while Mst. Ashley D’souza was the best speaker.
This competition was purely a boon for the teachers and the participants.


Sephra D’souza 
BORIVLI, AUGUST 30, 2011: Come August and the entire youth brigade at Don Bosco, Borivli know that Deanery Youth Day is around the corner. We celebrated ‘Deanery Youth Day’ on August 28, 2011 in our parish and this year’s theme was: “Rooted in Christ” (Col2:7)

Five parishes were present namely. Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Assumption, St. Louis, Christ the King and Our Lady of Remedy and we kick-started the day with a warm welcome from Fr. Ronnie Menezes, our Parish Priest, followed by some thumpin’ good gospel songs. The actions accompanied with the songs made for some pretty energizing morning exercise!!
After the praise and worship session, we were all divided into groups after which followed the ice-breakers. The ice-breakers helped us to get to know each other better.
Fr. Brian Moras sdb was the speaker for the next session. He presented an eye-opening were gets-you-thinking presentation on ‘The Culture of Death’. In this presentation, he told us how the culture of death is so prevalent in the world today. Drugs, alcohol, instant gratification and what have you…! But as Fr. Moras very aptly put it, “There’s good and bad everywhere. The choice lies with us for it is our choices that define our character.” The session was then followed by the Eucharistic celebration in which Fr. Moras was the main celebrant.
After Mass we were treated to a sumptuous lunch. After lunch we were ready for the second half of Deanery Youth Day. The second half saw all the parishes putting up skits that brought out the message of being “Rooted firmly in the love of Jesus!!” Once all the parishes finished performing, it was Game time! The games become more and more interesting each year and todays were no different. Everyone participated and enjoyed to the fullest.  A youth from Our Lady of Assumption Church remarked, “It feels nice to come for DY Day. It’s a pleasant and welcome break from hectic work-life.”
We thank Fr. Allwyn Misquitta, all the other priests, the youth representatives and the youth co-ordinators for the time and efforts they spent to make this a memorable day for each one of us.


BIS Correspondent 
WADALA, AUGUST 30, 2011: We at St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala were witness to an array of happy events this week.

As India witnessed a wave of anti-corruption movement, a mini-Hazare campaign - courtesy the Greeline - was taking place in our own backyard. It was not a crusade against corruption, rather an honest and sincere effort to save our environment.  Seventy five of our school students from Stds. I-X were privileged to be the participants of a Green Ganesha workshop at Don Bosco, Matunga organized by the Greenline team.  Over two hundred students from four neighbouring schools – Don Bosco Matunga, Auxilium Convent, Our Lady of Good Counsel and St. Joseph’s- participated in this workshop.  At the workshop, the students were made aware of the importance of going green this Ganesha season beginning with one’s own home and neighbourhood.  The students then went on to craft exquisite clay models of Ganesha with their expert hands. One could sense the excitement in the air as also a bond that arises when people, especially children, join together to promote a common cause. A small beginning has been made, and surely this will lend itself to a greater and bigger campaign to GO GREEN.

In the field of sport, four of our young bsketball players, Mayank Chavan, Smit Shinde, Sandesh Ramraje and Sairaj Adkar, were selected to represent the Mumbai Central District u-14 basketball team.  Mayank Chavan was given the rare privilege to captain the team – an added honour to our school.  We are indeed proud of these our students and wish them success in the ongoing inter- district Basketball tournament held at Raigad. 

On the literary front, two of our Std. X students, Moneel Bheda and Vardhaman Shah participated in a competition organized by Jawahar Bal Bhavan in July.  They have won the first round in story writing and poetry writing respectively, and have now moved up to the District level.  Congratulations!

An outdoor experience was in the offing for twenty four of our NCC cadets under Mr. Raj.  They attended a ten day NCC camp at Antop Hill, Wadala, organized by the naval unit for the cadets of Mumbai. Firing with a .2 rifle, parade training, colours (hoisting of NCC flag at daybreak) and sunset (lowering of the flag in the evening), lectures on naval orientation, disaster management, first aid and signalling, Sports, and naval ship visits (INS Tabar) were some of the varied activities at the camp.  The camp was however cut short by two days due the incessant downpour in Mumbai. However, it was an enriching and learning experience for our budding naval cadets.

An eventful week indeed it was!



Neelam Rodrigues
BORIVLI, AUGUST 30, 2011: Farewell does not mean parting forever, but it means meeting again. With a very heavy heart, we, the staff and the students, under the leadership of our management bid a fond farewell to Mrs. Christine Thomas, the Religion teacher of Don Bosco High School, Borivli.
A short impressive programme was organized in our school hall on this occasion. The boys of std IX performed a beautiful prayer dance. It was followed by a very interesting Power Point presentation that highlighted the various aspects of Mrs. Thomas’s persona. Rev. Fr. Ronald Menezes, the Rector addressed the gathering and brought out more ideals from the life of Mrs. Thomas. On behalf of the school community, Fr. Menezes presented her with a certificate of Merit while the Past Pupils honoured her with a shawl and a “shreefal” for her valuable contribution towards the Don Bosco family.
Mrs. Thomas, in these twelve years of your service, you have never failed to spur the talents of your students. Your calm yet cheerful persona enlivens the ambience. The icing on the cake is your sporting zeal and enthusiasm.
As we bid farewell to you. We pray to the Heavenly Father, that he showers his choicest blessings on you. May you be blest with abundant bliss and good health in the second innings of your life.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Wilfred D’Souza sdb
VASAI, AUGUST 27, 2011: When the Relic of Don Bosco arrived at Our Lady of Grace Cathedral in Papdy, Vasai on the August 11, the enthusiasm and excitement was almost tangible. The crowds seemed never ending. The whole organization was diligently and ably guided and directed by Fr. William Falcao sdb assisted by a very large dedicated band of Salesian Past Pupils.

Some of the more committed of them with their spouses were seeking more than just a passing memorable event. As the long hours of the afternoon stretched into the night, a small group gathered with their own banner, prepared to launch the Vasai Unit of the Salesian Cooperators. It was to be the fulfilment of a long cherished dream that they had nurtured for several years.

A group of them held their first meeting on the August 20, 2011 to try and understand more clearly what the vocation of a Salesian Cooperator implies and to trace the way ahead. They listened attentively, discussed at length and chalked up some practical lines of action.

We now follow them with interest and wish them a fruitful growth in the Salesian Family.



Cl. Justus Mendis
DAKOR, AUGUST 27, 2011: Don Bosco High School Dakor organized a Journalism seminar for its std X students on August 24 -25, 2011. This project is mainly of Bishop Fr. Thomas Macwan, who wants all the Christian schools of the Ahmedabad Diocese to have a session on Journalism organized in their own schools.

Mr. Hasmukh Vaghela, was the resource person for this seminar. Mr. Vaghela, works for ‘Rishta’ an organization run by the Jesuits which has its dimensions mainly in the media field. Mr. Vaghela with a lot of experience helped our young students by making them aware of the pros and cons of the media. The students showed keen interest in his session on writing articles to the newspapers and the various editors. Their interest grew when they got to know that journalism can be taken as a special subject in making a career. They got the practice of writing articles, evaluating them and the information about agencies who feed the news in the newspapers.

The children were enlightened by this seminar and have assured the Principal and Mr. Vaghela of their precious contribution to their local newspapers.


Friday, August 26, 2011


BIS Correspondent
MATUNGA, AUGUST 26, 2011: This year, the Ganesh Festival will take on special meaning for four hundred and fifty children from seven schools across the city, who participated in workshops on ‘Green Ganesh’ over the last two days. The sessions were part of the Green Schools Campaign that these schools are involved in, conducted by GreenLine, the environment education-action project of Don Bosco Development Society.
The programme began on August 25, with Dominic Savio High School (Andheri) playing host to two other schools—Holy Family High School (Andheri) and Don Bosco High School (Borivli)—at a two-hour workshop. With more than two hundred children of all ages in attendance, the resource team from the Young Environmentalists Programme Trust demonstrated the process of moulding Ganesh idols from clay, and the importance of using natural, degradable decorations. The children seized the opportunity to show off their artistic skills, crafting well-made idols using only clay, flowers, leaves, and coloured grains and pulses.
The next session on August 26, saw an even larger number of students—two hundred and forty in all—attending the workshop. The participating schools were St. Joseph’s High School (Wadala), Auxilium Convent (Wadala), Our Lady of Good Counsel High School (Sion), and the hosts Don Bosco High School (Matunga). The GreenLine team opened the session with Fr. Savio Silveira explaining how a return to traditional, eco-friendly practices would make for a more enjoyable and environmentally safe celebration.
After crafting their clay idols, the children couldn’t wait to share their learnings with family and friends. As Vedangi Chintawa, a ninth standard student from Our Lady of Good Counsel High School stated, ‘I’ve enjoyed my first experience making eco-friendly Ganpatis, and will share this idea with my friends’. Another participant, Karan Parmar from St. Joseph’s High School, said that ‘although all my friends and neighbours may not agree to go green, I will keep trying till I convince them’. The message of Green Celebrations was aptly summed up by the teachers from Auxilium Convent, Ms. Rukmini and Sr. Fidelis, who said, ‘The children present today are only fifty out of the total strength of our school. But we will make sure that they teach the other students and spread the message of environmental responsibility to as many people as possible’.


Nv. Chris Ferreira and Nv. Benson
NASHIK, AUGUST 26, 2011: With wild imaginations of a row of lush green mountains in mind, the staff and novices of STI sat in a state transport bus destined for Igatpuri. They had left their day’s chores to enjoy a panoramic day with Mother Nature.
Once at Igatpuri they proceeded to lodge themselves at the Dominican Retreat Centre – Satyagiri. After settling down to a quick bite, the novices soon left to scale the picturesque mountains. Although the terrain looked quiet eerie, wading through the mud and water, the community of STI finally made their way to the waterfall and flocked under the gush of the chilling water for the next hour. Songs, yells re-echoed and everyone relaxed to their hearts content. The excursion was then continued as the group began trekking the next mountain wreathe in mist and splendour. After witnessing the scenic view of the nearby lake and the strapping hills, the novices descended and settled down to a royal lunch set by the Dominican fathers. A little while later the novices saw themselves walking towards a nearby temple.
After experiencing a good climate change, the novices bid adieu to Igatpuri and safely arrived back home with warm feelings of gratitude and fresh memories of an extravagant and exhilarating


Rhea Serrao
MATUNGA, AUGUST 26, 2011: The student of Stds. V and VI of the Sunday school gathered for their Faith Celebration day on August 21, 2011 at Don Bosco, Matunga. Hundred and sixty nine children along with twenty catechists were present in the Primary School Hall from 8.30am onwards. The students and teachers belonged to the seven parishes of the North East Bombay Deanery. The theme presented was LITURGY.

Fr. Wilfred D’Souza welcomed the gathering and celebrated the Holy Mass. All the children wore badges with significant liturgical symbols: candle, musical note, crucifix, bread and wine, chalice, bible. After snack time, a representative of each group explained their significance. An ice breaker session then divided the students into different groups.

The two sessions were conducted by trained CTC Catechists. With a well prepared power point Ms. Perpetua Carvalho (O.L of Fatima, Sewri) explained the Meaning of Liturgy as a Celebration and Mr. Patrick Rodrigues (O.L of Lourdes, Sion) presented the Faith Response as ministry in the Liturgy. A set of handouts prepared by the Diocesan Centre helped the children to actively participate.The lively programme concluded at 12.30 pm with a Prayer and a Blessing.

It was both an instructive and prayerful experience for all who participated.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


BIS Mumbai                                  



Bro. Sachin Kadam


SATPUR, AUGUST 25, 2011: Invariably the youth of today opt for and suggest outings, picnics and they love to go to water resorts.  The youth of Satpur, Nashik are not an exception to this.  On August 21, after the Sunday Eucharist, about fifty youth from the confirmation and post confirmation batch drove to Pandavlene, Phalak Smarak, Nehru Garden and to Blue Lagoon Water Park.  They were accompanied by the Parish Priest, Fr. Nelson Falcao sdb, two Nuns and three Brothers. 


They group reached Pandavlene at noon.  After a tiring mountain climb and tour to the Caves, the youth then sat and shared their meals. The youth then relaxed themselves in Nehru Garden.  All the boys, girls and also the Brothers dipped themselves into the waters of Blue Lagoon.  They enjoyed dancing, swimming, sliding and moving under the water-falls of various types. 


At around 5.30 pm the group took the way back home.  Miss Jenifer, one of the youth members, thanked the Parish Priest on behalf of everyone.  She expressed that it was truly a day of great enjoyment and that the water resort added to the fun. 


It was a memorable picnic for everyone.


Don Bosco Provincial House,
Matunga, Mumbai - 400 019. INDIA